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Welcome to the Games Room!

On the right, you will see the names of some pub/parlour games I've 'invented' - usually based on older games that you may already be familiar with.

Click on one of the names to read full instructions. Note that you will need to find some people and a place to play these games!


The Diversions section of GJR Computing is home to a small but growing selection of puzzles, games and quizzes. It will have its own menu when it grows large enough. For now, here are the contents:

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Online and PC Games

You will find links to some online games centres in my Link Library.

You can also download my Poker Square game to play on your PC. It is available to download from my Free Software channel.

But best of all, there is a brand new online game called QuizBank, available right here, right now at GJR Computing! Come and have a look...

The Word Game
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