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A pub game. An easy one.

The first player says a word. Then in turn, each player must make up a longer word or phrase that starts with the original word. If someone can't think of a new word or phrase then they are out and the next player states a new starting word, until only the winner remains.

Some rules:

  • It must be possible to find as many phrases as there are participants in the current round. If someone fails to make a phrase before the originator's first turn, then - if challenged - the originator must be able to name enough phrases to complete that round. Otherwise he is out instead.
  • Apart from the obvious fact that all the words or phrases start with the same word, you are not allowed to extend a previous answer. Your choice must have some originality! For example, if the original word was 'foot' and someone had said 'football', then 'footballer' would be a cheat, and the offender would be sent off.
  • Any answer which elicits a suitable laugh, groan or envious sigh from the other participants will be allowed, even if it stretches credibility or the rules.
  • The original word must never be 'xylophone'.
The Word Game
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