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IT's All In The Game

A Logic Problem

Six tutors work in the IT department of Hammington Private College. They are each expert programmers in a different language, with different levels of experience and salary. They all enjoy using the Internet, each having a favourite web site, and their own nickname in the online fantasy game Slug Wars, which they play at lunch time. Can you use the clues below to work out each tutor's age, experience and salary, along with their favourite web site, Slug Wars nickname, and programming language?

  1. "Whiskers" earns 5000 more than "Webster". Claire is 8 years older than the Google surfer, and 3 years younger than the C# programmer, who is not "Slammer", "Grunge" or "Webster", but earns 40% more than Diana.
  2. Edward, who is 36, earns more than Diana and Arnold, but less than Claire. Frank earns 2000 less than Brian, who also earns 1000 more than Gail, but 2000 less than Arnold.
  3. "Slimey", the C++ programmer, is 2 years older than Diana (aka "Grunge"). Neither visit Yahoo or Ebay. The Yahoo surfer is 30 years old, and has more experience than both Claire and "Webster".
  4. Frank visits MSN. He has twice as much experience as "Whiskers", but only half that of the Cobol programmer. The least experienced is Claire, who also earns the most money - 30000.
  5. The seven programmers are: the 40 year-old visitor to the BBC web site; the 25 year-old; the person who visits Slashdot; the C# programmer with 1 year's experience; "Nukem"; the woman who programs in C++; and Arnold.
  6. The women visit Slashdot, BBC and CNN, while "Bosher" uses VB, unlike 25 year-old "Slammer", who is the middle-ranking earner. The 28 year-old has 2 years experience.
  7. The Fortran programmer has 18 months experience - half as much as Diana, but 3 times as much as "Slimey". The man who earns 22000, and uses Java, often visits the MSN site.
  8. Diana has been programming in Pascal since she was 28, and now earns 20000. The three most experienced programmers have 3, 4 and 5 years experience, and their nicknames, in no particular order, are "Bosher", "Grunge" and "Slammer".

Complete this form and send it when you think know the solution. I will let you know how you've done, and the first few correct entries will be rewarded with a listing in the Hall Of Fame, which will be published below.

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