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Buy 'The World We Knew' from Amazon.co.uk.The World We Knew

The sun had plunged into the Pacific, somewhere southwest of Bel-Air. In Studio One, Sinatra, like the Pacific, makes his own waves. Fluorescent light turns the singer a slightly lighter shade of grey. And amid this neon's irreverent hum, the singer looks out into the plastic, humming world about him. He stands at the microphone, singing in depth. Doing his best thing... sharing. Sinatra's songs, soon to scatter worldwide the belongings of one man's soul. He tilts his voice into a microphone, just as he has for three decades. Decades spent in living, in recording, and in singing small but poignant truths about loving. This ambiguous man, with clear, touching insights. Sinatra at a microphone, nurturing a bouquet of emotions, then plucking them in full flower, without first checking for possible thorns.

Stan Cornyn

The World We Knew (1967)

Reprise 7599-27043-2

The World We Knew (Over And Over)
Somethin' Stupid
This Is My Love
Born Free
Don't Sleep In The Subway
This Town
This Is My Song
You Are There
Drinking Again
Some Enchanted Evening

Buy The World We Knew from Amazon.co.uk.

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