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Legal Information

All original material on this site is Copyright 1995-2022 Gavin Regnart.

Software can be distributed unaltered in ZIP or EXE format, whichever you have downloaded.

Other material may be copied and distributed provided the source www.gjrcomputing.com is acknowledged.

I would appreciate being told about any distribution of material, just so I know what's going on.

Some material on the site has been taken from external sources. Wherever this is the case I have endeavored to give acknowledgement of the source, and provide a link to the originator's web site.

If I've put something up here then I think it's good and I want to encourage other web users to investigate further. I make no financial gain from such material.

However, if a copyright holder or other interested party has concerns about my use of such material, please contact me, in order to resolve the issue.


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